“RESILIENCE” – The Kaleigh Quennec Story

The Treadstone Sports team is proud to present “Resilience- The Kaleigh Quennec Story” in collaboration with Visionary Sports. This project features Kaleigh Quennec’s incredible story, her passion for the game, her career to this point, and her goals for the future. Through the telling of her story, Kaleigh aims to empower other student athletes & female hockey players as she reveals her hopes for her next chapters.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Kaleigh and her family spent two years there before moving to the suburb of Canton Vaud in Terre Sainte. Being born, attending school and playing hockey in Geneva, it is easy to understand why Kaleigh brings the level of passion & pride to representing her country, now culminating in an Olympic appearance for Team Switzerland. Kaleigh currently attends school in Canada, but her ties run deeper than just her schooling. Raised by two Canadian parents, Kaleigh spent every summer at the family cottage where generations settled before her. With a deep appreciation for both countries and cultures, Kaleigh is proud of her unique heritage, which plays a major role in the woman she has become today. Now, at 23 years old and in her fourth year with the University of Montreal, the story of “Resilience” highlights Kaleigh’s story, emphasizing her leadership, charisma and positive impact as a student athlete, Olympian and role model.

Discussing her experiences, obstacles, adversity and greatest accomplishments, Kaleigh wants to build a platform for building other people up, helping those less fortunate, and extending her positive influence beyond the ice.

Reflected in the title of the feature, Kaleigh brings a genuine & candid perspective to her road to the Olympics and how “Resilience” has defined her journey to this point in time.  

KQ’s story is powerful, moving and still in progress

It extends outside of any rink and will light the fire in many to go after goals bigger than oneself. Stay tuned for more on #TheKQStory and getting a glimpse into “A Day in the Life” as we work together to share Kaleigh’s remarkable pursuits.