ONE YEAR LATER: Where Are We Now?

Laurenne Mercier

Laurenne Mercier

One Year Later.. where is Treadstone Sports Agency now?


I’ve been at this new business for just over a year. What a wild ride it has been. Do I regret starting a business on the heels of a global pandemic? Absolutely not. Has it been challenging, tear and rage inducing? Absolutely yes. What started out in March 2020 as a business venture between three individuals, has since entirely 360’d into my own company, with two new colleagues, and an entirely new vision.  

All of this to say… I am so. Damn. proud of it.

The transition started during one of my many daily phone calls, when a fellow business owner asked me “what is it that you like about Treadstone… what is it that you hate? Ultimately Laurenne, what drives you?” What felt in the moment as a purely conversational question, ended up being one that literally kept me awake at night. For several days I thought about this question and realized that the part I love the most about Treadstone is the part that inspired me to start this company from the beginning. 

And that is the ability to leverage these players’ platforms to help make a difference.

If you were to ask me about some of my favourite moments in my sports career, 9/10 times I will tell you about the hospital visits, the smiles on kids’ faces or watching a little girl meet her hockey hero. It’s the moment when you watch a young man’s face light up, celebrating his 18th birthday from his hospital bed, as he receives a special birthday shout-out from his favourite hockey player. This is why I do what I do. These were the memories that came to mind as the question “what drives you?” continued to circulate in my head.

It was this question, and my eventual answer, that caused me to pivot and transition Treadstone from a turnkey marketing agency into an agency driven by “building lasting legacies”.

Powered by authenticity, my mission with Treadstone Sports Agency has become helping NHL athletes answer that same question…“what drives you?”. It is to leverage their platforms and to build a brand beyond the sport. While social media influencing and endorsement deals are no doubt a huge player in the game today, for me at Treadstone Sports Agency, I want to harness the player’s passion and help build a legacy to be proud of off the ice.

I have been so fortunate in this past year to have had the opportunity to work with the likes of Colton Parayko, Josh Morrissey, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and many others. What’s unique about these players is their genuine desire to make a difference. Not only are all three of these players wearing a letter for their team, they’re also all kind-hearted individuals who can acknowledge the way that their notoriety can be used for the greater good. 

And I cannot wait to share more about what we have in store with each of them!

I will share more details on my “why” another time. In the meantime, thank you for reading. Although an unconventional post, I have had many people lately ask me about why I started this company, which inspired me to candidly share. It’s been an interesting path that has led me here, but I do believe that the path I am on is Treadstone’s right track!  

More from me soon!
With Love,

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