The Dynamic Sibling Duo Behind Treadstone Sports Agency

One aspect about Treadstone Sports Agency that is often overlooked, is that behind the scenes we are run by a sibling duo. A sibling duo only just over a year and a half apart in age, nonetheless. Although founded by older sister, Laurenne Mercier, the team has shifted into a joint venture amongst Laurenne and her younger brother, Josh. The result is a dynamic duo that knows how to challenge each other, how to remain honest, and is tirelessly dedicated to pursuing a common goal. There’s also some light-hearted insubordination sprinkled in, as well as informal business meetings and a plethora of company happy hours.

Unlike many of our blog posts, we figured we would branch out and give a brief glimpse into the lives of the Mercier kids.

Born and raised on an acreage outside of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, both Josh and Laurenne grew up with a passion for hockey… playing and watching. When it was cold enough, shinny on the pond was a priority. They were both competitive hockey players at their respective levels, and avid Flames fans. They both attended University across Canada in Nova Scotia, although at different schools. While their careers and lives have taken dramatically different paths over the years, it has all culminated in a career in sports, at Treadstone Sports Agency. As to not bore you with too many details of their upbringings, we’ve instead taken the approach of a few rapid-fire questions to learn more about these two:

1) The celebrity you’d “fan girl” over:
JOSH: Dave Grohl. I’d like to think I’m a pretty calm and collected guy, but I’d squeal like a little girl if I met him.
LAURENNE: Drew Brees.. and no, I do not want to talk about my feelings around his retirement!
2) Something that you go nowhere without:
JOSH: Haha I know Laurenne’s answer is going to be her friggin’ backpack. I’d probably say a pair of headphones or my wallet.
LAURENNE: my backpack 🙂 
3) Your dream dinner guest (dead or alive):  
JOSH: Alvin Kamara
4) Favourite song of all time: 
JOSH: Sultans of Swing- Dire Straights
LAURENNE: Wide Open Spaces- The (Dixie) Chicks
5) What did you want to be when you grew up?
JOSH: An NHL player… I’m living vicariously through our client roster..
LAURENNE: A country music singer.. yikes, imagine that
6) What is your biggest pet peeve?
JOSH: Slow left lane drivers… Also stubbing my toe. Oof that fires me up.
LAURENNE: Left lane drivers period. It’s a passing lane. (I want to say this applies to escalators too…)
7) Number one place on your bucket list:
JOSH: I’d have to say Argentina or Rwanda.
LAURENNE: Switzerland! I want to continue to cover as many mountain ranges as possible.
8) Favorite ice cream flavour: 
JOSH: I’m a grown ass man and I still love Bubble gum ice cream. Sue me.
LAURENNE: Tiger Tiger. (Tiger Tail?) All the way. 
9) Would you rather have really short arms or really short legs?
JOSH: Really short legs. Assuming the strength is still there that I can run. Short arms would suck to try and reach for things!
LAURENNE: I hate this question so much. I’m going to have to go with short legs I guess? This is going to keep me up at night. 
10) What’s your average Cup of Coffee Consumption Per day?
JOSH: Oof. A lot. Currently on cup #5 as I write this.
LAURENNE: I hate to admit it, but I would go with 3-4 likely at minimum.
Where did the name “Treadstone” Come from?
Our good friend Jason Bourne & all of the Bourne movies of course! My current ringtone is also the theme song to keep on brand

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