AUTHENTICITY: My Driving Factor from Start to Finish

Laurenne Mercier

Laurenne Mercier

Ever since the launch of Treadstone Sports Agency in February 2020, I have been continually asked “what is this company all about?” and “why?”

For me the answer is simple. I want a company that is driven by the simple factor of:


Authentic is defined as “of undisputed origin, genuine”. This definition not only guides who I am as a person, it guides my mission in this company, every project that I take on, every partnership that I create, and the players and agents that I work with.

And in a world that feels riddled with negativity, hatred and prejudice, I feel that now, more than ever, is a time to remain true to authentically who I am. As poetically written by Brene Brown

“I’ve learned that there is no better way to invite more grace, gratitude, and joy into our lives than by mindfully praciticing authenticity”. 

The importance of authenticity began for me during my time with the Nashville Predators. My boss and mentor, Rebecca King, Executive Director & VP of Community Relations for the Nashville Predators Foundation, was incredible in the way that she not only treated every interaction with genuineness and respect, she built her Foundation around the players’ genuine desire to help and be engaged. With the help of other strong leaders, Rebecca was integral in bringing Nashville, TN from solely a football town, to a sought-after hockey town, buzzing with action. Each season, the Foundation speaks one-on-one with the players and finds out what it is that drives them and areas or organizations that they’d like to be more involved in. In this way, she creates better engagement, more buy-in from the players and a stronger partnership with organizations in Middle Tennessee. And since my time with the Preds in 2017, 

I’ve realized that authenticity and genuineness are crucial for not only my work, but my life as well.

In addition to Rebecca’s guidance in the Community Foundation, I also had always wanted to be a sports agent. Over time and through several conversations with long-time agent and industry powerhouse, Allain Roy of Roy Sports Group, I gradually narrowed down the path that I eventually wanted my career to take. The idea seemed daunting yet exciting, and slowly shifted away from the traditional contractual negotiations of an agent and angled towards how players could build a genuine, authentic brand through their marketing. This was a niche that was relatively new to the industry and a place that I saw myself fitting in.

And so in combining My passion for sports and Philanthropy, Treadstone Sports Agency was born.

The simplest way to describe what I do is through the analogy of a professional sports team’s marketing department. They all have one. This department is in charge of marketing the team… driving a story, selling tickets, showcasing what matters to the team as a whole. Players however, don’t. As Treadstone Sports Agency, I act as the voice for those players. I market the individual player and showcase what matters to them, all the while remaining authentic to who they are as individuals, both on and off the playing field. I do this through connecting players to brands that align with their own personal values, whether that is through athlete endorsements, charitable initiatives, or building their online, social media presence. In this way, the player is more engaged in their initiatives or campaigns and can tell their own honest, compelling story. Similarly, as a benefit to the brand/ organization, they are working with an athlete who promotes their similar ideals and beliefs.

Even more simply put: Treadstone Sports Agency builds the player’s personal brand

At the bottom line, my mission is to help players and organizations remain genuinely authentic to who they are, while all the while remaining authentic to who I, at Treadstone Sports Agency am.

I believe that a genuine, meaningful partnership has the ability to tell an honest and compelling story.

It has the ability to capture an audience.
It has the ability to humanize the athlete.
In the end, I believe authenticity is the driving factor to success.

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