About us

Treadstone Sports Agency is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in bridging the gap between athletes and businesses with a like-minded brand vision. We emphasize the importance of consistently remaining authentic and genuine in every partnership in order to drive an honest, compelling story. We tailor the approach of the individual interaction so that our athletes are connecting with businesses and causes that fully resonate with their personal brand. In this way, we elevate the level of engagement on both the athlete and business' side.

At Treadstone Sports Agency, we have the ability to create cutting edge marketing campaigns, broker athlete endorsements, enhance or build your charitable cause, and anything else you may need to create your unique personal brand. No longer are high-profile campaigns restricted to the industry giants. We give companies of any size the ability to gain momentum through athlete-endorsed campaigns.

Outbound Mission

Instead of athletes leaving their endorsement opportunities to fate, Treadstone provides targeted outbound marketing on their behalf. We identify companies and brands that align with the athlete and develop synergies between the two.


Once the partnerships have been identified, Treadstone works with the athletes, agents and sponsors to ensure all parties are satisfied with the terms of the agreement and direction of the project.


Treadstone has industry leading content creators and create all videos, images, graphics and promotions needed in house.  Treadstone enables companies who would not have the resources for an athlete endorsed campaign, to have top quality campaigns that are consistent with their brand and goals.


You have incredible videos, images and graphics created with an influential athlete leading the way.  But now what?  What good is that if no one sees it?  Treadstone Sports has marketing experts who specialize in athlete influencer campaigns.  If looking for results driven marketing, Treadstone Sports is the answer. 


Your campaign is now complete and your brand is now thrown to new heights.  Treadstone enabled your company access to top athletes who have become the face of your campaign.  We managed expectations, relationships and objectives between all parties.  We strategized the campaign, created and promoted the content to a targeted audience in order to maximize campaign initiatives.