Electrify Your Brand

Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing because of the accessibility to social media. With social media ad budgets expected to double in the next five years, consumers are exposed to an abundance of ads, turning them into white noise. So how do you make your ideal client stop and pay attention?



Treadstone has direct access to high profile influencers ready to partner with a company that matches their brand identity.

Athlete & Brand

As a company, you can not simply pick any famous or influential person to be the face of your brand. You need someone who symbolizes your values, drives your beliefs, and impacts YOUR audience. Treadstone ensures both the athlete and the company are a perfect fit for each other.


With our team's varied & expansive backgrounds, we align our players with charitable causes that are meaningful and authentic to their brand thus creating a seamless collaboration. We then work to execute events, appearances and fundraising initiatives.

Personal Brand

We will develop a unique, personal brand for the player outside of their playing field. We create an authentic, genuine brand that aligns with the player's values and interests


Treadstone Sports manages expectations on behalf of the athletes and the businesses. Transparency and communication are key to a successful campaign for both parties.

Social Media

Whether you are a company, sponsor, or one of our influencers, Treadstone Sports can help strategize your social media channels to build and maintain a consistent brand.


Okay great... you have the PERFECT face for your newest campaign. Now what? Treadstone Sports specializes in properly implementing influencers into your campaign strategy.


If you have your own in-house marketing team, great! Treadstone Sports can help advise on the best approach for both our athletes and your endorsement campaigns, ensuring that the campaign delivers a compelling story to the target audience.


Treadstone Sports leverages an athletes brand equity and helps develop a player's personal brand once they leave the realm of their professional playing career.

Event Planning &

If your vision is to successfully run an event, we have the ability to help launch clients' events from the early, preliminary stages to the execution phase, whether it is educational courses, hockey development camps or a fundraising initiative.